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Let Me Introduce Myself
Welcome to my first blog post on Appaws For Autism/Appaws Assistance & Therapy Dogs.
My name is Leah Taylor. I’m married with two children. A son called Donté, who is 5. He was diagnosed as Aspergers in 2015 and my daughter, Willow-Moon, 3, who is currently being assessed for ASD. Both of my children attend a mainstream school that have been amazing with Donté & his needs. We have had a few bumps in the road as most families experience with schools, but we have been fortunate that the school have been on board and care for Donté’s welfare as much as we do. My journey so far with Appaws and how it all started can be found on the main page under my photo.
As the weeks go by I would like to touch base on many different subject areas of autism and how it impacts on everyone in a family. I will also share links to further information that will benefit you on the subject at hand. There are many different conditions that stem off from a child’s Autism that some parents are not aware have their own name & ways of coping with. Sometimes the bubble of Autism can be extremely overwhelming when your child is first diagnosed & support can be limited in some areas which have a knock on effect on how parents can access further information on traits or even recognising different conditions within the Autism.
Sometimes parents can feel isolated & lonely. This is something I would like to combat with my blog. You are not alone. Every single child on the spectrum is different. But the feelings of the parents are the same. We worry about the future, we worry if we are doing everything right, we worry about schooling, we worry about how our child will adapt socially in the world around them, we worry about their siblings and how they are feeling the impact, we sometimes worry about what others think of situations or you as a parent but at the end of the day, the only thing you need to put all that energy into, is your child & making things happen for your child. When you have a low day & you have no fight left, remember, tomorrow is a new day. There are so many other parents who feel exactly like you & our aim is to bring those families together. Whether it is physically or online. We want to offer support & guidance.
I will also cover how other relationships within the family can be impacted, from personally experience. Adults on the spectrum will also be another area I will cover, as we all know, children grow up to be ASD adults.
There will most likely be blogs where I will need to release my stresses of the week & you may relate to or may have experienced yourself.
I am currently training to be a Teaching Assistant & from that qualification, I would like to train to work with children on the spectrum & who have special needs. I will also be taking an Autism Course in November called Swift. This is something I am extremely excited about. In the New Year, I will be running two groups in my town in Oxfordshire. One is an ASD child play session & the other is an ASD adult support group. I will update you all on the progress of these & share images within my blog in the New Year.
Introductions can feel so self indulgent sometimes, so I am excited about next week’s blog & branching out on other subjects with you all.
Signing Out.
Leah 






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Niel (Company Director)

Appaws wish to help create Acceptance, provide Advocacy and promote Awareness for all ASD children/adults within society and communities everywhere. To support them and their families through their journey and promote better understanding alongside upholding the guidelines for inclusion in all sectors of society.


  1. Well done. I look forwards to reading your blogs. I have a 6yr old daughter with aspbergers, totally get the physical and mental challenges. The tiredness and stresses too. I have read soooooo much about Autisim and effects on the person diagnosed and those supporting the person. i started a blog sometime back. I have not had the Chane to sit and update sadly.
    Wishing you the very best.

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