The Day Donté & Poppi Met.

Yesterday was the day, we finally met Poppi, who is an Autism Assistance Dog to see if she was a match for Donté & us as a family, but also to see if Poppi was comfortable with us. It was an amazing experience. The children and Poppi just bonded so naturally, Donté was even giving commands and was gushing with confidence. Just to see zero anxiety within him, especially as we were somewhere totally new & we had travelled a few hours to see her.

Christine Meaney is the Appaws Dog Trainer. Christine’s experience is priceless. She has so much knowledge under her belt & runs her own Animal Behaviour Centre. You can read more about her & her experience by clicking on TRAINERS on our website. The passion & drive that Christine shows is amazing to see. The Animals absolutely adore her & she them. Her husband and herself made us feel so welcome & all steps of the introduction were carried out to the highest standard.

We were shown some basic walking commands & all had a go. Donté took to this like a duck on water. He was so strong with his commands and actually totally outshone us all ! His confidence just grew. We had a play with Poppi, which the kids absolutely loved, she is the most loving and cheeky little dog.

We have all totally fallen in love with Poppi. Our next step is to have Poppi over for a sleep over in January to make sure Poppi is happy in our home & that we are happy with her in our home. We all thought that letting Christmas pass would be less stress for Poppi & us as a family as well as giving Poppi time to heal from being spayed. You can imagine how excited the children are to have her stay !

This whole experience has been wonderful. From the fundraising, meeting new people in the ASD community to finally meeting Poppi & I am looking forward to the road ahead for our little family & of course, Donté. This has all been for him & to make his life easier & less stressful.

If you would like to know more about applying for an Autism Assistance Dog through Appaws, please visit our website and fill out the APPLICATION PACK online.

On one last note. I would like to thank every single person who helped us get to this stage. All those who helped fundraise and those who donated money, raffle prizes and more. You have changed our lives in a way that we couldn’t of imagined. 

Thank you ♡ 

Signing out.



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Leah Taylor

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