An Autism Christmas. Full Throttle!

Remembering the days before having children. When you Imagined a family Christmas like the ones you see on the tele or like the Christmases you grew up with. Sharing a nice big roast together, the children being overjoyed with every gift, happy chaos and a relaxed atmosphere ? Yep, I remember those memories too.

Well, Autism turned those expectations on their head didn’t it *giggles* 

That roast turned into several different dinners being made because of food selectivity. The gift giving being a tense experience with the hope that a gift wont set off a meltdown or they prefer the wrapping paper to the actual gift *smiles* The happy chaos turned into a controlled misson and the relaxed atmosphere, well……

Leading upto Christmas is a mission in itself. Christmas shopping of any kind with your child is normally a no no. SPD rockets and it really is an impossible experience for your child. 

Decorations in your home may have to be tested & approved by your child. Colours, certain lights, textures, smells and even fun music toys can be overwhelming for them. 

Want some magazine type Christmas photos for the family album ? *wags finger* its not happening. 

Even having family over can over stimulate your child. The loud conversations, laughing, smells, crowded room and even the pressure that is put on your child to say hello to everyone and offers of any kind of human contact is just way to much for them. 

Matching family Christmas jumpers…….. maybe not. 
But you know what, I would never change these Christmases for my once Christmas visions, because our Christmases are just that, ours. They maybe different to most families but those downs are so worth going through just to share the ups with our Autistic child at Christmas time. 

Don’t look at what you don’t do together or what can’t happen. Instead, embrace what you can do together and what you share with one another. 

Autism Christmases may keep us on our toes but it really is worth it. 

Signing out. 


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Leah Taylor

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