High Functioning Autism & The School Struggles.

We hear it everyday as parents with Autistic children, 

“OH, your child must be so clever. Autistic people have such high IQs”

You also have to contend with Autistic roles in films or tv shows. These roles really do not give the true reality of Autistics.

Society seems to miss out all the inbetween facts. High Functioning Autistics are very much overlooked and their struggles are swept under the carpet because they seem to “cope” within the society norm. This puts more pressure on the High Functioning child to hide their traits and anxieties as they grow. They may even start to mimic other adults just for an “easy life” while struggling deep inside trying to act Neurotypical. As we know, this leads to other conditions such as depression, self harm and in severe cases, suicide.

The pressures within a school setting for a High Functioning Autistic child are huge. One on one support is limited, school funding seems to disappear, loop holes are used, Meetings about your child become lazy and the parents have to arrange and push for them, situations are brushed under the carpet and parents seem to find things out weeks later.

A High Functioning Autistic child may seem OK on the outside but there are many obstacles that child has to face minute by minute within them. 

The anxiety and fear becomes so overwhelming that they Shutdown or Meltdown. The environment becomes to overpowering that their SPD will kick in and cause total distress. The feeling of failure will go round and round in their head as they watch their peers flourish in subjects while they struggle and get swallowed up by it. Bullying normally occurs. The pressures of school are sky high for any child these days and special needs children suffer the most as they are made to fit into the mainstream school box.

The school reports, progression reports and expectations of the child have become so militant and caged in, that it is completely impossible for an Autistic child to reach any of the goals set in place as they are goals set for Neurotypical children and are set at an unachievable level for an Autistic child.

Our children suffer in silence at school and no matter how many meetings we have, colourful charts we make or visual aids we give them, they will always struggle because they are unhappy in that environment and just learn to cope and hide their anxieties over time.

The world has to change how they view Autism and adjust certain areas of everyday life so that all Autistics, no matter their age, don’t cope in silence and have support and understanding on their doorstep.

School’s have to start looking into how they teach, support, fund, communicate and treat our children. We need to challenge the Government. Parents and schools need to start working together to make the Government sit up and start listening because atm, the Government use schools as a shield and we all know it stems right up to the top.

If you are unhappy with your childs school and how they are performing in regards to your childs education and wellbeing, pipe up and make your voice heard. Never back down and research your rights as a parent and your childs rights. Because we have them !

ASD Parents never stop fighting for their child. No matter how many tears we cry or arguments we have with professionals, we will never stop !

A massive *high five* to all ASD parents. Stay strong and keep pushing for your childrens rights.

Signing out.


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Leah Taylor

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